lundi 15 septembre 2008

Samira Said’s tears over the success of her latest album (Ayam Hayati)

Samira Said’s tears over the success of her latest album (Ayam Hayati)

Tears streamed down Moroccan big star Samira Said’s face right after producer Mohsen Gaber had told her that (Alam El-Fann) is getting ready to release a third wave of her latest album (Ayam Hayati) in Cairo within the next few days. The first two waves of the album were completely sold out in no time, in addition to tens of waves that were sold out in other Arab and European countries.

Said could not contain herself out of happiness after knowing such good news, especially that she has been going through a state of severe anxiety since the release of the album. She said that she did not expect the audience to react to the album this positively, especially that she’s been away from the artistic arena for more than three years in which she thought her popularity dropped.

What made Said even happier was the fact that the audience’s tastes must have changed through out this relatively long period, that is why she shed tears of joy, which is usually the case whenever she hears good news.

It’s known that this album was released recently after many postponements. It features 14 songs: (Awam Keda, Hobb May’ous Menno, Aad El-Kelma, Ana Ketir Aleik, El-Fadl Yerg’alak, Nefsi Atkalem, Oyounak Odami, Sa’et El-Zorouf, Ana Maak, Mestahmelak Ana, Kefaya Keda, Mayheminish Bokra, Lehe’t Ezay and Ayam Hayati). The album features Said’s cooperation with poets (Ayman Bahgat Qamar, Nader Abdullah, Hamdiya El-Titi, Tamer Hussein and Ameer Te’eima).

The album also features the works of composers (Muhammad Yehia, Mounir El-Gazaery, Hamdi Sedeeq, Amr Mustafa, Sherief Qotta, Ashraf Salem and Khaled Ezz) and arrangers (Hani Yaakoub, Ameer Mahrous, Muhammad Mustafa, Muhammad Awad, Khaled Ezz and Hazem Raafat).

Director Hady El-Bagoury supervised the shooting of the song (Hobb May’ous Menno). The plot of the clip revolves mainly about an emotional dramatic state involving anger, despair and the failure of a love relationship.
The clip was shot over 3 continuous days. Day one was at Studio Masr; shooting the inside scenes, while day two was at the Media Production City, at the Alexandrian area, shooting the outside scenes and day three was spent at Prince Taz Palace.

Said appeared in a new and different look regarding her clothes, makeup and even her performance.

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