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Diva Samira Said on Dear Guest (DG) Business & Life Style Egyptian magazine

The days of the queen 's life

Diva Samira Said on Dear Guest (DG)
Business & Life Style Egyptian magazine

Samira is preeminent singer who possesses a great voice and ability to rienvent herself and her style to adabt to new trends . she is always capable of surprising her fans with her ever innovated look.

Samira is a singer who survived as "SuperStar" in the music field for over 2 decades inspite of the fierce competition that is present nowadays . Samira Saeed won several awards some of the most important were the World Music Awards 2003 for "Youm wara youm" album , In which she rienvented herself and her style . in addition she won BBC radio 3 Music Award for the same Album . Most recently the First Middle East Music Award Awarded her special career Appreciation Award .

When you look deebly into her work you will find that each album has a couple of songs which reflect the female power to choose pride over love such as "Makhlas" , "Alah yesahelak" , "Qal eh" among many other songs

Tell us about your latest album Ayam Hayati ...

My latest album took a quite long time in preparation it includes many fine and intricate vocal and technical details . All people who participated in this album exerted enormous effort to make each song unique and different from the others .

Do you prefer to work with new people in each album or your usual team ?

It is not necessary at all to work with a specific team ; i think change is always good . For example , in this album , there are many people whom i worked with before , but it was also my first time to work with Mohamed Yehia . So change is good in general .

Where have you been all this time ?

I actually started preparing for the album a long time ago , However we faced many obstacles and we worked on the album on and off .

What about the rumors we heard that there were problems between Samira Saeed and Alam El fan...?

As you have just mentioned it is rumors ... Alam El fan was not the reason for the delay. I am still exploring my options whether to stay with Alam El Fan or move to another production company , but norhing has been desided yet .

What are your plans concerning shooting clips ?

I am going to shoot another clip in the winter . I also want to start thinking about a new album so i won't be delayed again .

Any plans for acting ...

There are no acting plans at the moment ; however I intend to do Cinema in the future . Acting on television is a bit difficult since it takes a long time ; I would prefer the cinema since it has a special charm just like singing . I will have carefully choose a suitable script and this might take a while so as not to lose my audience and fans.

I am sure that you have been watching and monitoring the music atmosphere during the preparations time of your album ... How would you evaluate the music atmosphere nowadays ?

I would say it is jammed , but this is the case all over the world . if you watch any international music channel you will find milions of people singing ... at the end of the day , the main concern is whom you choose to listen to . Now things are diffrent from before , there are now so many music channel that need material to work with ; so you will find the good , the bad , and the ugly . Time is the perfect indicator to who will succeed and who will not . In my opinion talent is a major reason of success .

What is your opinion about the fierce competition in the field ?

The competition is very fierce. Somesingers are struggling to compete, but as I have said before, only the talented survive.

We hear there are many problems between Singers… Do you face this?

People in the same career are usually sensitive and competition makes this sensitivity more intense. However this does not mean that I won’t wish my colleagues success. Awards in your life…

what do they symbolize? …. You received many awards throughout your career, for example the World Music Award and most recently a Career Appreciation Award from the Middle East Music Award….
Awards are very important, but I like to receive them when I do something good, when I really deserve them. My audience and fans’ opinions are essential and very important to me; this is really the most important award.

Which award you felt you really deserved it?

When I received the BBC Radio 3 Music Award in London for “Youm Wara Youm” song I was thrilled since at the time the Iraqi War was at its height and this award was according to a vote. Many people say that the World Music Award is bought by the singer; I have an opinion concerning this. I think if anyone has the ability to buy it, it is a good thing since we need to be present in these important places; so that it is known internationally that we produce good music.

We have seen you change your look with every album…Are you keen to have a new look every album?

Yes, I like to have a new look for every album , I work with professionals who help me in this aspect.

What do you do in your free time? And about your son Shady?

I live normally, like anyone else. I watch closely Shady’s life; he is my long term project and above all Shady is the most important thing in my life. I also like to play sports. It is a daily habit and it gives me energy. I liked to shop a lot before, but nowadays I am not into shopping alone I enjoy shopping with people.

Thank you very much Samira for this lovely interview.

Thank you and good luck to DG magazine.

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